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Body Pieces






b14 front grille
B14 '98 front grille, factory black with Nissan emblem: $20

license plate illuminators
'91-'94 Sentra license plate illuminators: $10 for both

We have a few sets of these, as well as many other lights from B13's

b13 and b14 coolant overflow tank
B13 and B14 coolant overflow tank: $5

se-r drivers side light
91-92 Se-r drivers side light with slight blemish: $10

se-r pass side light
91-92 Se-R passenger side light: $20

trunk light
91-92 Sentra Trunk light: $10

b13 drivers side mirror
Good shape B13 Drivers side mirror with unbroken glass: $25

pass side motorized mirror
95-98 Passenger side motorized mirror: $15

b13 pass mirror, cracked
B13 passenger mirror cracked:$15

b13 front bumper
B13 Front Bumper - in great shape: $15

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se-r mizu radiator, cap and JGY fan kit
'91 to '98 Se-r/'91 to '95 G20 Mizu radiator, cap and JGY fan kit: $250

b13 and b14 radiator hoses
B13 and B14 radiator hoses: $20

sr radiator hoses
SR radiator hoses. You need these to go from a 1.6 to 2.0 swap: $10

gti-r long radiator hose
GTi-R Long radiator hose: $20

se-r coolant overflow tank
'91 to '94 Se-r coolant overflow tank and holder: $15

burgundy grille
'93/'94 Burgundy Grille: $15

b14 drivers side headlight
B14 drivers side headlight in great shape: $15

drivers side tail light
Drivers side taillight for 91-92 Se-R: $15

pass side tail light
Passengers side taillight for 91-92 Se-R: $15

Pulsar Emblem
Pulsar Emblem:$5